It won’t be an exaggeration to call the latest advent of medical science, the “Stem cell therapy” as pure magic, which has the power to cure many incurable degenerative diseases. The human body is a culmination of billions of cells, each of which has a diverse range of functions. Stem cells have the almost miraculous ability to not only produce another cell like itself but to produce cells with specialised functions. In other words, cell therapy can heal and cure. This discovery has opened numerous doors for those whose lives are affected by damaged tissues in their organs or injuries. Due to this amazing restorative function stem cells are also called ‘repair cells’. Researchers have developed techniques for extracting stem cells from bone marrow and adipose tissues from fat cells, which is not a complicated procedure.

Are there any side effects?

The advantage of these stem cells is that they can grow and take the form of any damaged tissue in any part of the body. Since the cells are derived from your own body there are minimal chances of side effects or rejection.

How is the procedure done?

The procedure is very simple and the patient needs to spend only a few hours in the hospital and the results start showing after two months. Under expert supervision, the patient’s bone marrow is extracted or the fat cells are retrieved through liposuction, this is transferred into the relevant medical equipment infused with necessary components and within an hour or so, stem cells rich in mesenchymal cells can be extracted which in turn is injected into the affected or damaged body cells which need repair. The stems cells are basically progenetic in nature and when they are injected into the area which requires repair, for example for the treatment of hair fall the doctor will inject it directly to your scalp.

What are the conditions which can be treated by Stem cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy can bring about a permanent cure for orthopaedic conditions like arthritis, spinal injuries, cerebral palsy, autism, acute liver disease, chronic kidney ailments, coronary heart diseases just to name a few. The cosmetic and anti-aging advantages of this therapy are striking; it can be used for hair loss, non-surgical facelift, complete face rejuvenation etc.

How does it work?

Ageing happens when the cells are damaged and eventually die and the process is often speeded up by other factors like stress, unhealthy lifestyle, pollution etc. As we start ageing, stem cell numbers in our body start dwindling and the ability of the body to renew and replenish the damaged cells gradually decreases. This process of ageing can be reversed or slowed down with stem cell therapy using your own stem cells. Similarly, it can also help treat many diseases by converting itself into other cells like liver cells, kidney cells or heart cells.

Is it expensive?

Many people travel abroad to destinations like Australia, Switzerland, US etc, where they have to shell out a huge sum of money for this treatment. The good news is that Stem Cell therapy is available locally now at an affordable cost and excellent results.

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PRP, short form for platelet rich plasma is one of the advanced and simple medical therapy used to treat an array of medical conditions and has proven to give excellent results. Platelets in blood has proteins which play a significant role in replenishing the cells. This particular characteristic of platelets is what PRP treatment is bringing to the fore. The treatment is done using blood enriched with growth factors and proteins which accelerate the healing process.

How is the procedure done?

Around 40ml of blood is drawn from the patient and the blood is placed in a centrifuge machine which spins at high speed and concentrated platelet rich plasma can be extracted. When plasma, which has concentrated amount of platelets, cytokines and other growth assisting features are injected into the affected area, the tissues starts healing and regenerating faster than normal.

Are there any side effects?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment has many benefits and hardly has any side effects, as the person’s own blood is used in treatment.

How long does the treatment take?

A Plus point of PRP is that, it requires only minimal hospital visits to achieve results. The treatment doesn’t require general anesthesia and can be done under regional or local anesthesia and provides efficient, ensured, satisfying results as well.

Conditions treated using PRP?

Skin problems, Stretch marks, pigmentation, premature aging, wrinkles, diabetes, hair fall, sports injuries like ankle, ligament and muscle pain, Chronic tendon injuries, Osteoarthritis etc.

Is it expensive?

Compared to some other treatments PRP is very cheap and gives almost guaranteed results.

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Human hair grows out of the follicles present on scalp. Damaged or dead follicles will prevent new hair from growing. Cell therapy can be used to stimulate and activate the cells  Read more...



Aging is when the cells are damaged and eventually die. And the process is often speeded up by other factors like stress, unhealthy lifestyle, pollution etc   Read more...

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